What if you could think differently about the situations you find yourself in?

What if you thought differently: About life. About business. About yourself. About others? What would that feel like?

We believe people are unique. We have different strengths, talents and perspectives.

And in this time of constant change, uncertainty and complexity, where we are trying to figure out how to adapt to technological changes; how to feel about new apps that make jobs redundant; new thinking; new ways of doing things, we have the perfect opportunity to harness our diversity.

Thinking differently helps us to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. This is where our story begins…

Our motto “learning to change…changing to learn…” helps individuals and organizations work with change in a complex environment.

Our Story

Mariana Fortuin Coaching was founded in 2015 as an alternative to traditional training programmes. The aim was to provide a personalized and customizable learning solution to individuals and organisations who needed effective and sustainable change.

We identified a gap in many training programmes that currently provide generic training-a one size fits all approach. After the workshops delegates often leave hyped up and ready to make changes when they return to the workplace. Often this does not happen and the learning intervention is regarded as a waste of time and money.

Why? The one-size-fits-all approach forgets the uniqueness of each individual. The whole individual is not tapped into and the system the delegate returns to is often not thoroughly explored.

We saw business coaching as an important option to improve EQ competence levels, resilience and commitment while at the same time building relationships. Mariana Fortuin Coaching focuses on assisting individuals and organisations learn holistically through coaching. We believe that if you want to change yourself, your team and workplace performance, you need  to learn, unlearn and re-learn.