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Go on…eat the chilli!

Are you aware of any difficult conversations that you need to have with a team member or peer? You know you are uncomfortable with having the conversation, don’t really want to have it, are putting it off, and don’t quite know how to proceed? Being presented with a food dish that has chilli in it […]

Empty your pockets, please…

Can you recall the last time someone listened to you with interest, attention, without judgement and without speaking? We often find people with good intentions who want to help us solve our problems by giving advice and solutions. Sometimes, however, we just need a sounding board, a space to think, time to say out loud […]

All teabags are not equal

I love a good cup of tea. Recently I noticed that some teabags need more time to brew than others to achieve the medium strength I like. So it got me thinking… I like certainty (the average time it takes to accomplish tasks) as it allows me to plan effectively. I like consistency (a medium […]