What I am passionate about: is travelling the world as it humbles me to see the vast beauty of people and landscapes. I am in awe every time I encounter how unique and different people are and yet how many similarities we share.

I love reading and particularly stories about myths, legends, parables and fantasy. I guess that is how my logo using the “Forget-me-not” flower came about.

Legend has it…”In 15th-century Germany, it was supposed that the wearers of the flower would not be forgotten by their lovers. ….. In medieval times, a knight and his lady were walking along the side of a river. He picked a posy of flowers, but because of the weight of his armor he fell into the river. As he was drowning he threw the posy to his loved one and shouted “Forget-me-not.” It was often worn by ladies as a sign of faithfulness and enduring love.” (Wikipedia)

We often forget to love ourselves, to be kind to ourselves and to use our strengths. Our “heavy armor” is often the pressures and disappointments in life that drag us down. My coaching focuses on remembering what we are good at, what our strengths are and the importance of being grateful for everyday gifts and not forgetting to love ourselves.