I have worked in a variety of industries ranging from government, retail, management consulting and banking.

I have a Masters Degree in Management Coaching through the University of Stellenbosch Business School. I hold a BA degree from the University of Cape Town, having specialised in English and History with a post graduate diploma in teaching-H.D.E. I have a BCom Hons, specialising in human resources through UNISA.

“What I enjoy doing: is massaging individuals’ hearts and minds…”

Listening to people and asking them questions to enable them to discover new potential and strengths that help them to grow personally and at work. I am attracted to coaching as it helps individuals think through situations, opportunities and challenges, and come up with solutions.
I am excited when my clients, learners and I grow personally from our shared conversations. My strengths are: listening attentively, asking probing questions, good insight into behaviour, attention to verbal and non-verbal cues, and I have the ability to pick up on the unsaid. I am able to assist individuals to think differently about their experiences and make changes.