The smokers’ corner

If you are a non-smoker, have you ever wondered what conversations or learning is taking place during smoke breaks? If you are a smoker, have you reflected on what you have learned/can learn from your fellow smokers on those days that you huddle together for a good old puff?!

In my previous article I wrote about learning from experiences and mistakes quickly. I enjoy Moocs (Massive Open Online Courses), and recently I listened to how learning will be transformed and this made me think about that small group of smokers who gather in a corner to smoke. But is that all they are doing?

Interestingly, the research suggests that in the future learning will be driven by choice and not pre-determined and pre-scribed by an authoritarian position.

Some other interesting points and questions to ponder about the future of learning:

  • Networks are the new classrooms. Are smokers a type of network? In business, what will the focus of e-learning and formal classrooms be if learning predominantly happens through networks. How do we create these networks?
  • Content is everywhere. Think about who in the smoking group works in a different department. Diversity feeds creativity. How do you feed that content into your business?
  • Teachers are everywhere. Whatever stimulates your thinking is what you will want to learn.
  • Learning will be everywhere
  • Learning will be individualised and personalised
  • Learning will occur as part of social engagement

Final ponder…

Well, even though my university smoking days are over, what new networks can I design or invest in to accelerate my learning? What are yours?