“Dear Confucius…I know I don’t know…”

“Dear Confucius, I am penning this letter to tell you: ‘I know I don’t know…yet. It’s all a process, right? There is no right or wrong answer, right?’

I recently attended a marketing presentation and I identified that one thing I need to work on is brand awareness. I must admit, I am finding it tough. So many things to consider. And yet so simple. Brand identity; define your brand; brand objectives; social media brand; brand personality; brand values; visual brand identity; brand voice. All these considerations so that you know who you are; can show who you are and then grow. There is a lot I don’t know about building a business.

As I wade through all of this, I wander how many leaders reflect on their “I know I don’t know” status. Admitting that you are running around in a maze is not always easy to admit as a manager. Yet once you have said it and it’s out there, it feels better. It feels like letting go of an expectation that has been pressing on your chest. And then…you can breathe.

So in closing, Confucius, my take-aways:

1. Admit you don’t know…often

2. Let go of the expectation of knowing it all

3. Find your tribe that can help you”