Changing lanes, not the taxi way

Remember why you changed lanes in traffic this morning? When driving to our destination, we automatically change lanes when we perceive a need to do so. Something motivates us to act. Perhaps the car in front of us was too slow, or we were driving slow in the fast lane, or we were trying to avoid the unruly taxis who kept criss-crossing in front of us. In business too, we are required to learn from our experiences and mistakes, and do it quickly!

This is what I have realised so far:

1. Uncertainty is the certainty. We need to be able to work with ease in a constantly changing environment. Criss-crossing willy nilly just creates chaos.

2. If we start hiring for future potential, not present potential we will have team members who are able to learn fast and adapt to the perceived changes in the future. And that includes us. We need to try and be ‘future-proofed’. Taxis work against the rules, we need to create new rules.

3. As with the traffic, the ability to read the signs of change happening around us, allows us to change lanes in a confident, competent and empathic manner in our organisations. This requires greater self-awareness and ‘other-awareness’.

What do you need to learn now to be able to adapt effectively to the uncertain future?