From fixed to growth

How do we move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset? Why would we want to do this? Things are comfortable right now, right?

We grew up thinking things needed to be  a certain way, and through years of conditioning through various institutions we became obsessed with being right. Where does wanting to be right get us in the long run? And our environment supported this way of being. Till now. The fourth industrial revolution is turning things on their head. There is no one answer. There are many.

Carol Dweck, professor of psychology, in her book “Mindset, the new psychology of success” suggests that we need to develop a growth mindset. To start, our focus should be on praising the effort of our children and colleagues instead of test scores. We should praise progress and strategy rather than the end result. This encourages the readiness to learn and willingness to improve in individuals and organisations. A fixed mindset will hold us back from success.

One way of doing this, is to identify your trigger points (what makes you defensive or critical) and then ask the questions:

What can I learn from this situation or individual I am engaging with? What can I unlearn from my past? What do I want to re-learn? Maybe I am wrong? Have a look at what insights we can draw from Carol Dweck.